Water Softeners

We offer an extensive line of water softeners that can be customized to meet your commercial and heavy industrial demands.  Standard features on all units include: 

  • Poly Carbonate Resin Tanks 
  • Brass Fleck Valves 
  • Brine Tank 
  • High Capacity Resin 
  • Several different regeneration options (water meter, timer, etc.) 

Chemical Metering

  • As an authorized distributor of Pulsafeeder products, we offer the  full line of Pulasfeeder Pumps and Chemical Metering Equipment 
  • A&F Piston Pumps, pH and conductivity controllers also available

Sand Filtration

  • Ideal for cooling towers and pre-filtration
  • Excellent for removing dirt, precipitates, and suspended solids
  • Effective down to 5 microns 
  • Available in 15, 35, 65, and 100 GPM flow rates 

Filters/Shot Feeders

  • Excellent for filtering closed systems and cooling towers
  • Utilized for introducing chemical treatment into closed systems 
  • Filter bags can be easily interchanged and used to control filtration level down to 5 microns
  • Available in several different sizes to meet your needs 

Packaged Systems

  • Reverse Osmosis 
  • Dealkalizer 
  • Conductivity Control 
  • pH Control 
  • Glycol Metering Equipment

Turn-Key installation is available on all units